Affiliate Programs

April 6, 2024 by Cristian G. Guasch

I've been growing websites with affiliate partnerships for over 4 years, and here is my compilation list of more than 250 affiliate programs in different niches. I've made it so it's easy to join and start growing your business.

Top Affiliate programs

Based on my research, the top affiliate programs are:

  1. Sagetap: €15,000
  2. tl;dv: €10,000
  3. Fellow: €10,000
  4. Lido: €7,500
  5. Climbo: Unlimited
  6. Tropee: Unlimited
  7. Spreadly: €5,000
  8. trumpet: €5,000
  9. Tango: €5,000
  10. Passionfroot: €10,000

The highest earning categories are B2B, AI, and Note Taking. Freemium models clearly generate significantly higher earnings compared to Demo-only models.

Some programs offer significant discounts to referees, such as 50% off, which may make the program more attractive. Others offer additional benefits such as free trials or percentage discounts, which could also increase attractiveness.

B2B programs clearly generate significantly higher earnings compared to B2C programs. And certain industries, such as technology, appear to generate higher earnings compared to others.